Biometrics technology has become a fast and reliable solution for access control, duplicate identity and time and attendance challenges. From an access control system for warehouses and company computers to eliminating “ghost workers”, ISSL can integrate a low-cost biometric verification system into your technology platform that will help you improve your security and boost your profitability.

Time and attendance

Is your business losing money due to time and attendance management issues? Are your employees using time punch cards that can be easily lost, forgotten or “buddy punched”? Does your HR team spend too much time on payroll and attendance disputes? Do you suspect “ghost workers” on your payroll? In partnership with WebAFIS, ISSL can solve your time attendance issues by implementing biometrics software that will keep your employees honest, improve efficiency and boost profitability.


Biometric software for access control can be used for controlling access to workstations, networks and physical locations. Whether you have one facility that requires restricted access, or a number of sites,you can use biometric verification technology to limit access and see real-time who is gaining access. Through our partner, WebAFIS, we most commonly install fingerprint readers and fingerprint scanners. These can replace card and PIN identification systems, both of which can be lost or stolen, increasing your risk exposure. Access control via biometric verification is easy to use, secure and fast.

ISSL Biometrics Partners

Datafox is a German manufacturer of data acquisition devices. Their product range includes flexible data acquisition devices; in particular terminals for personnel time recording, access control, operating and machine data acquisition, as well as for mobile data acquisition and vehicle data acquisition. Datafox is a strong partner for all data collection tasks. Datafox develops its data acquisition systems as affordable solutions with ease of use, high functionality and practical relevance. Datafox GmbH provides time and attendance terminal with easy handling and optional biometrics.

ISGUS is a direct developer of ZEUS software modules and a manufacturer of access control and time and attendance terminals. They also provide diverse data collection solutions such as finger print terminals, proximity access control and time and attendance terminals, smart phone, landline, web, pc & bar code scanning for job costing. ISGUS time and attendance management enables you to define and calculate the most flexible time patterns required to meet the constantly varying workload.

FingerTec produces sophisticated biometric products that are affordable and practical for the Workforce Management and Security industry. Manage Time & Attendance accurately and secure your premises with fingerprint and facial recognition technology; combined with a variety of card solutions. You can start detecting true identities in a split second. FingerTec is a one-stop center for your operational needs.