ISSL has teamed up with the leading developer of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) to bring you state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint recognition technology which is the fastest and most accurate of its kind on the market. Designed to power real-time identification and verification applications, WebAFIS (do you want this hotlinked to their website?) can be scaled and customized to meet your company’s current and growing demands.
Are you a private company that needs to address duplicate salary payments? Or are you in the civil government sector and need to prevent voting discrepancies? ISSL can resolve your identification and verification issues through the implementation of WebAFIS biometrics technology.

Private Sector

Below are some examples of how we can use AFIS biometrics to help companies in the private sector:

  • Below are some examples of how we can use AFIS biometrics to help companies in the private sector:
  • Banking – Help banks to prevent individuals from fraudulent check cashing or opening duplicate credit accounts
  • Computer Access – Control workstation and network access
  • Physical Access – Create access controls to restricted areas and inventories
  • Employee Time and Attendance – Implement Time & attendance (hotlink to Solutions – Biometrics – Time and Attendance) systems to eliminate “buddy punching” and “ghost workers” and to streamline payroll processing

Civil Government Sector

Duplicate and false identities are a big concern for civil government. Below are a few ways that biometric fingerprint recognition software can significantly help in these areas:

  • National IDs – Real-time verification of identity cards, passports and driver’s licenses
  • Duplicate Salaries – Put an end to “ghost workers”, or employees who are falsely entered into the payroll
  • Public benefit programs – Quick and accurate confirmation of welfare and social security card issuance
  • Voter registration and identification – Automatic processing of voter ballots to prevent duplicate votes.
  • Border control – Passenger verification

Criminal Government Sector

WebAFIS is a natural fit for the criminal government sector. Below are a few examples of how the technology can help:

  • Forensics – Employ widespread use of fingerprinting to help with latent and partial fingerprint matching for forensic purposes
  • Identify unknown subjects and suspects – Use mobile identification and verification systems to identify unknown subjects and “hooligans” at major sporting events
  • Background checks for prospective employees – Conduct fingerprint searches against criminal databases